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SKEMA Alumni

The SKEMA Alumni network is a community of 42,000 alumni spread across 5 continents, in over 140 countries.
The SKEMA Alumni community is a strong network with a history spanning more than 160 years. It comprises alumni from the two founding schools (CERAM and ESC Lille) and from SKEMA (2009 onwards).
This network grows each year as it is joined by the new graduates from our six campuses and all our programmes (from bachelors to PhD).

Key figures:
200 events per year, 5,000 employment opportunities, 40 industry- and location-specific clubs


Let’s stay connected

The SKEMA Alumni community offers three categories of services:

Social events such as class reunions, prestige events, galas and after-work meetups. These are convivial moments where relationships are built to form a tightknit network in which wonderful new chapters are written.

Business events such as conferences and talks, round tables and industry-specific club meetups. These are opportunities to make new professional contacts and to share or gain knowledge about your industry.

The Career service is there to contribute to talent development, support projects, assist with mobility, help with career transitions or facilitate job searching. We offer personalised, one-to-one guidance and coaching, group workshops and webinars, as well as a job board.


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